“Wild” recipes

If you don’t eat those precious wild edibles right away (which is best, of course) you might find yourself stuck (like: “Hm. Now I made it…I found some of them…brought them all the way home….but what do I do with them???”). This page is there to give you some ideas for yummy and easy meals for busy lifes – and to fill you up with lots of nutrients and energy to keep you going happily all day long!

If you want to receive further updates about wild edibles and more info about raw foods (also for families & children) & much more please sign up at www.rawfunfamily.com. Feel free to forward the information to your friends. The more people know about those valueable greens the more people learn to take care of them ;). And that is mostly needed in our world!

So, here we go:

Yummy summer smoothie

1-2 bananas
1 mango (make sure it’s ripe!)
hand full of wild edibles (I took a mix of dandelion, henbit, plantain…but you can use whatever you can find)
1/3 of china cabbage (romaine lettuce works as well)

Blend it all up and enjoy…feel how it charges you up and makes you feel soooo good! That’s the power of wild plants! 🙂


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  1. In our back yard we had oodles of stinging nettle – told to pull these weeds out. Now that I know what it is – I will harvest it and use it.
    Thank you raw…

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