Wild Picking

Plants are usually picked best in spring. That’s the time when they are most tender and less bitter/spicy, etc. If you pick them before they bloomed they are most nutritious. After that all the energy goes into producing the seeds/fruits. But as a raw source of energy and wild power please pick them throughout the whole year…whenever you can find them!

Make sure you pick at a safe place – not right next to the interstate, dog walk, etc… But if you can’t find a perfect spot pick the best you have and don’t worry too much. The nutrients in them usually outweigh the pollution you take in anyway through breathing and other foods. They will help you to get rid of all the toxins your body picks up around you.

Don’t worry about bugs, eggs, dirt, etc. on them. If you have a safe place to go (meaning organic soil, not sprayed, pooped on, etc.) you can eat them the way they come without washing, etc.! It is important to actually eat some dirt/soil with them as it will help your body to get enough B12, too! Those little micro-organisms are important! You won’t get sick of them if your body is healthy. I haven’t been sick once…eating them know for maaaaaany years. Don’t believe in the fear spread out by several pharmacytical companies!

Bring a container or bag along on your walk and pick some for later! I introduce those plants that can be eaten raw without preparation.

Warning: Theses pages are meant as information by my best knowledge. Although it is the best way to nourish your body it can be dangerous, too! I do introduce you to those plants that are easiest to identy. If they have poisonous look-alikes I usually let you know.

Please be sure of identification! If you are uncertain, send me a picture or ask your local professional. Picking at your own risk!


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  1. I would like to know your favorite book about wild edibles, please. thanks peggy

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