Those delicious young greens… :)

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A happy spring time to you!!

I am sooo excited about the fresh young greens!! Here you can see my first “bouquet” of stinging nettles… Soooo yummy :)…and recharging.


Oh and if you are looking for me – I’ll be out there hoping from nettles to thistles…to dandilion…to wood sorrel…and so many more… Those young ones are especially good. Have you tried gras yet? If not this is the time. It’s so sweet! Like stevia almost. Very good. Now I know why it’s called spring…because I am so happy that I jump around like a spring :D. What do you like best in spring time?

If you want to learn more about them just look here:

Have fun jumping around & eating greens! Now is the time if you want to start with them!


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