How to dry your own wild edibles

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Today I want to show you how I dry my edibles that are still plentiful outside! So get ready to prepare for winter… Although I start preparing in spring when the first greens come out and are full of nutrients and still taste milder (I am lazy and rather pick some every time instead of a bulk at one time) you can surely do that now as well. I do, too.

So, this is how the picked plants look like after a few days laying out on trays – in room temperature. I do it really easy…when I bring them home I just spread them on trays …

…or put them in wooden boxes like this one (if you choose this way or the way above you might want to move the edibles around once a day so they don’t rot – especially when they are still wet)…

…or I hang them up like this…

…or just leave them in cloth bags…and they just dry (if it’s warm enough in the room…summer room temperature – without A/C ;)…). Otherwise put them in a dehydrator or other warm room in the house. This will work, too.

When they are nice and crispy ;)…I just fill them in paper bags…

…and store them for the winter on any other time I need them! It’s that easy and doesn’t take long at all…works pretty much by itself :).

That way you know what you eat…since you picked it with love and knowing they are not sprayed, etc. (make sure you only collect them in “clean” areas, of course)…and you can give your body the nutrients it needs – even during winter time!

Happy picking!


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