Do I have to worry about ticks, fox tapeworm, poop and pee?

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In my opinion you don’t have to worry if you eat naturally (raw foods) and your immune system is strong. I believe that our bodies are meant to deal with those little “influences”. We were meant to live in nature and with everything that’s “out” there.

If you find ticks just take them off as soon as possible. It’s said they only transfer illnesses after being “stuck” on you for over 24 hours. The sooner you find them the better. If you are worried about lyme disease, etc. you might also check this out: (Dr. Klinghardt also did a lot of research on heavy metal toxity, another very important topic.)

The fox tapeworm is in my eyes another try to put fear out. We should rather buy our produce (loaded with chemicals) in a store rather than pick them for free in the forest ;). It’s up to you what you believe and do. Many generations got their berries from the forest (and snacked a good part of it right there) and surely didn’t have more problems than we do have nowadays.  I do believe our bodies can deal just fine with eggs of all kinds of worms as we surely can’t avoid them everywhere…or we’d have to stop breathing…and I rather choose to breathe, live and enjoy my life without fears. Plus, it’s known eggs and worms of all types are a good source of nutrition ;). In some countries they eat them daily as delicacies. 😉 Of course, those tiny ones you hardly see you just breathe in…hihi.

Well, about poop and pee… I don’t pick my wild edibles right next or under poop ;). I make sure it’s clear of poop. And if an animal peed on it…oh well…good I didn’t know ;). Come on…people sometimes treat themselves with their pee…and that’s often loaded with medication… I am sure a little pee from a deer is ok if you really picked that one plant that got some ;). Some animals eat poop in order to get more nutrients… At the end it’s just processed food. See it as more nutrients and enjoy ;). I just don’t worry too much :).

Now, go outside and enjoy those wild greens – instead of getting sick of worries 😉 !!


Those delicious young greens… :)

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A happy spring time to you!!

I am sooo excited about the fresh young greens!! Here you can see my first “bouquet” of stinging nettles… Soooo yummy :)…and recharging.


Oh and if you are looking for me – I’ll be out there hoping from nettles to thistles…to dandilion…to wood sorrel…and so many more… Those young ones are especially good. Have you tried gras yet? If not this is the time. It’s so sweet! Like stevia almost. Very good. Now I know why it’s called spring…because I am so happy that I jump around like a spring :D. What do you like best in spring time?

If you want to learn more about them just look here:

Have fun jumping around & eating greens! Now is the time if you want to start with them!

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