What can you find during winter time?

February 25, 2009 at 4:32 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Please watch my video and let me know if it helped you. You can also leave comments about what you would like to know more about (or watch more about).



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  1. Thanks Sonja for showing this,
    It’s winter here in NC and I have been finding the plantain, chickweed, garlic mustard too. Here, wild onion is growing, along with clover, not to mention pine seeds.

    Many sites I’ve seen have been saying that you can’t forage in the winter…but I’m finding that that obviously depends on where you are, but also, if you know about where things grow, so you can find them under the snow.

    Thanks again, people need to know that you can forage in winter.

  2. Hi There

    It looks like you may be in North TX. I see that last year you had a wild edible class. Any more on the horizon for this spring? I am just outside of Dallas and I am looking for a class or someone to teach me first hand about these yummy nature treats.
    Thanks and Blessings

  3. Thanks, Brian! People need to see there are others thinking it’s possible, too :)))).


    I would love to show you some more wild edibles but we moved to Germany last year. I will try my best to show you more via this site :).

    Keept going! Sonja

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