Pick those nettles…

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…even if they sting!

I will give you more information and pictures soon…


Come with me on a walk!

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I am sorry for the quality of the movie. The next ones will be better. Hang in…the other movies will be uploaded soon, too! Please let me know what you think. I am constantly looking for ways to make it better for you.

More about nettle and co. soon…

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Dandelion – the wonder plant!

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I want to introduce you to one of the most common wild edibles: Dandelion!


It is found around the world. In Texas or other dry climates they might be smaller but still as good!

Leaves are more nutritious than anything you can buy. They are higher in beta carotene than carrots. Iron and calcium is higher than spinach…and it’s high in vitamin C.

You can eat the leaves and flower. The leaves are bitter and increase bitterness the older they are or depending on the soil they grow in. The flower is rather sweet. You can use both in salads or smoothies! Yummy!

It is also a very healing plant especially for the liver…but other organs, too. All wild edibles are healing!  


Happy picking!


Some impressions from our walk in Dallas!

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Here are some updates about the latest walk! It were two wonderful groups of about 40 people of all ages that came together to learn more about wild edibles! We’ve had lots of fun and learned at the same time :). But read for yourself what some said:

“Angelina 11yr old- I thought it was a wonderful experience. I loved learning a bunch of new foods to eat in the wild! My favorite food was the thorny thistle. I learned to peel the thorns off and they poked me a lot. But after all the poking it tasted wonderful. Iwould love to come back again! Keep sharing your knowledge! ” 

 “I thoroughly enjoyed spending time immersed in nature learning about all the good stuff to eat we are continuously provided with! I am grateful Sonja was available and happy to share all her knowledge.”

“We enjoyed learning and eating wild edibles with everyone, Sonja is a true inspiration and gift to mother nature and our planet, thank you.” 

“I now feel confident that if ever I was stranded in a park in Plano I would survive! 😉 I learned lots of valuable information and ate some tasty wild food, another raw food success experience!”


For more pictures please go here!

Thank you all for coming! Keep eating wild greens!!! 🙂

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